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Here at The Cake Gallery we specialize in beautiful and amazing cakes that  are fresh and delicious.  All of our scupltures are mostly made of cake or sugar.

We like to keep our cakes simple and scrumptious, however, we can usually create your cake with any flavor you like. We make awesome ice cream cakes as well!

Here are our basics:

Cake bases: Rich, moist vanilla or devils food cake.

Fillings: Chocolate mousse, Vanilla Mousse, Cannoli (lightened with whipped cream and loaded with pure chocolate chips, Brooklyn style), Cookies and cream, Strawberry, Pineapple, Lemon or Cherry preserves.

Covering: Non Dairy Butter Cream (very light and not too sweet ), Whipped Cream.

Here are some upgrades: (more can be found at rbakery.com)

Cake bases: Carrot, Red velvet, Extra dark chocolate midnight cake, Chocolate and vanilla cake mixed in same cake.

Fillings: Fresh fruit, Raspberry preserves, Fudge, Cream cheese icing, Pure chocolate ganache, Peanut butter, Dulce de Leche.

Covering: Rolled fondant, Fudge, Chocolate Ganache, Cream cheese icing, Marzipan.

Allergy concerns: 

The Cake Gallery can make nut free, gluten free, egg free, dairy free,  sugar free on order, HOWEVER,we are not a nut free shop and we are not a flour free shop so there is always a slim chance of cross contamination.